Mecanismo de Acción Inmediata

para la Neutralidad en la Degradación de las Tierras


Restore degraded lands or lands in the process of degradation


Financial and technical support to local projects with global impact


Contribute to achieving Land Degradation Neutrality national targets

About MyLand

Around 15% of the world’s population is affected by land degradation, which is likely to worsen unless adequate and immediate action is taken to halt the degradation processes.

MyLand is part of the global efforts to achieve Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN), facilitating the effective allocation of technical and financial resources to groups of land users, who do not have sufficient support, but aim for cost-effective and transformative solutions.


MyLand is an initiative jointly developed by Fundación Agreste and LDN Advisory, promoted by UNCCD, and executed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in various regions.

Institutional partiners


Countries setting LDN targets -

How MyLand works

Project identification

The following will be prioritized:
– Food production
– Cammunity participation
– Focus on economic sustainability
– Useful pre-assessments for monitoring
– Participation of women and youth


Essential componets:
– Long-term sustainability
– Review of degradation trends
– Potential for land restoration
– Generation of profitable returns
– Scalability and bankarization


Evaluation and moritoring:
– Submission of pre-designed form
– Identification of training needs
– Development of indicators
– Development of monitoring methods
– Modeling of trends towards LDN

Project Portfolio

Productive initiatives in the evaluation and prospective phase
MyLand Paraguay

Reserva Villarrica, Guaira


The project integrates activities that use non-wood forest products from the tropical forest reserve located on the Guaraní Aquifer


Nativas Añelo


Horticultural organic production and seedlings of native species for freshening in affected areas at the Vaca Muerta oil field

Farmacia vegetal Aconquija

Aconquija vegetable pharmacy


Production of oleates, medicinal and cosmetic products from wild herbs from traditional recipes.

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